Thomas F. Campbell Awards

Professor Tom Campbell was a returning adult student who started at CSU in the 1960s who went on to become a faculty member in the History Department and College of Urban Affairs, which he helped to found. He retired in 1993. In many ways, his name was synonymous with Cleveland, the city he loved and whose history he wrote with such care and passion. These awards were established to honor his commitment to the department, university, and Cleveland.

This year’s Campbell Award winners are Calida O’Brien, Isabel Amanda, Kyle Racy, and Zoe Sizemore.

Calida O’Brien is a history major and is described by her professors as an outstanding student and hard worker. Dr. Kelly Wrenhaven had Calida as a student in her course, “Rise of Rome.” Dr. Wrenhaven is particularly impressed by the fact that Calida earns top grades while also working and raising her family. She goes on to say Calida is “a great example of what can be achieved when a person works hard, believes in what they do, and stays focused.” We echo that sentiment and are pleased to honor Calida! Congratulations!

Isabel Amanda is a double major in history and social studies with a minor in education. She is a steady presence in our history and social studies courses with plans to become a high school teacher. Dr. Meshack Owino, who has taught Isabel in “HIS 392 History of South Africa since 1900” and in “HIS 103 History of the Ancient World,” describes her as “brilliant, thoughtful, and reflective.” Owino says, “Isabel left a lasting impression” and her research assignments are “always a pleasure to read.” Isabel’s project for Dr. Owino in the “History of the Ancient World” was a “cogent, comprehensive, carefully constructed Teaching Lesson Plan + Power-Point based on a brilliantly nuanced interpretation of Sundiata: An Epic of old Mali, the primary source book in the Africa section of the course.” Dr. Shelley Rose wholeheartedly agrees. Isabel brings a passion for teaching and learning to every course, and especially to courses focused on combining historical content and pedagogy. Isabel is also a rollercoaster enthusiast. She completed a location biography geography project on the “GateKeeper” at Cedar Point and she has ridden 201 different rollercoasters in 29 separate amusement parks, including Six Flags New England in Dr. Rose’s hometown. Congratulations Isabel!

Kyle Racy is double major in Social Studies and History and a member of the CSU History Club. Kyle consistently impresses his professors with his passion for history and desire to empower others. Dr. Stephanie Hinnershitz remarks, “Kyle is one of the most motivated students I know. He never lets anything get him down and when he encounters adversity, this gives him an extra push. He’s inquisitive and passionate and always knows how to relate complex and complicated material back to social studies.”

Dr. Rose has worked regularly with Kyle as well. “Kyle is always up for a challenge. This semester we worked together evaluating digital research projects in European gender history. Breaking away from traditional research assignments, Kyle gamely worked through each challenge and learned new skills with good humor and a sincere appreciation for the scholarship.” After graduating this May, Kyle is taking his love of learning to the next level as he starts the Master’s of Urban Education program at CSU. Congratulations Kyle!

Zoe Sizemore is a double major in History and Anthropology with minors in French and Theatre Arts. She regularly appears on the Dean’s List and is a member of the CSU History Club. According to Dr. Kelly Wrenhaven, Zoe is an excellent student who extends her passion for learning and the arts to her local work, volunteering for Playhouse Square. Along with other members of the History Club, Zoe arranged a trip to Washington, D.C., and she organized a trip to New York City for this summer. Unfortunately, those plans were canceled due to the pandemic, but Zoe may yet get to see “Hamilton” in New York as well as to explore those parts of New York City that reveal the history of the main character of that popular musical. Congratulations Zoe!

Congratulations, Calida, Isabel, Kyle and Zoe!