May 6: Advising Open House

Three faculty members standing by the History table with pamphlets.

Day: May 6, 2020

Time: 10 am -noon and 1 pm-3 pm

Place: History Department Online Advising Center (Microsoft Teams)

How to Attend

  1. Go to or access MS Teams through your campus webmail. Clicking on the nine squares (the “waffle”) in the upper left corner. Choose Teams from the dropdown. Click on “History Department Online Advising Center.” If you are not already a member of the team, you can request access.
  2. Once in the Team, you can post general questions in the channel or ask for a private instant message or phone call meeting.
  3. Students, you can access your private online advising folder through the “Class Notebook.” If you have a copy of your major checksheet or other notes you want to share with your advisors, you may upload them to your individual notebook.

Prospective Students

Are you interested in a History or Social Studies Major?

Direct Message advisors on Twitter on May 6 between 1-3 pm with any questions and to request information about our programs!

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