Outstanding Social Studies & History Majors

This year’s Outstanding Social Studies Major is Matthew Szmania.

Matthew is a senior History and Social Studies Major and the department previously recognized his hard work in 2019 at the annual awards banquet. Faculty members admire Matt’s commitment to excellence and strong communication skills. Dr. Stephen Cory remarked on Matt’s research paper in History 401: “He wrote an interesting paper on the role of the British mandate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Matt was also a strong participant in class discussions for Dr. Stephanie Hinnershitz as well as Dr. Cory. Dr Hinnershitz agrees that Matt’s professionalism and strong writing skills will take him far in life and make him an excellent ambassador for history at CSU.

In the future, Matt wants to be a high school teacher and work toward his goal of teaching at the college level. In his spare time, Matt enjoys being outdoors, fishing, and kayaking, but also spending time with his family and playing video games.

Congratulations, Matt!

This year’s Outstanding History Major is Kelsey Sagraves.

Kelsey was previously featured as a recipient of a William I. Shorrock award and we are proud to recognize her again! Even those professors who have not had Kelsey in class know that she is a gifted student as well as an enthusiastic supporter of history and the classics. Faculty know that they can reach out to Kelsey for information on the History Club and for organizing events and programs. This year, Kelsey enthusiastically responded to Dr. Hinnershitz’s request to facilitate a survey of History Club members to determine which courses students would be interested in taking at CSU. She is a model student leader and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Congratulations, Kelsey!

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