New Course Opportunity: HIS 325/525 Black America Since 1945

Prof. Karen Sotiropoulos Spring 2023, Tues/Thurs 2-3:15 PM A new course opportunity has come up for all history majors. HIS 325/525 is a course that places the contemporary politics of Black America in the context of 20th century Civil Rights struggles. It will help you think historically about modern events and movements, like the 2020 attempted uprising and the Black […]

Nov 7: Annual Map Walk

Monday, November 7, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CSU Student Center Ballroom 2121 Euclid Avenue, Room SC 311, A-B-C-D It’s that time of year! Dr. Stephen Cory is once again hosting his annual map-walk in conjunction with the CSU History Department and the Middle Eastern Studies Program. Come to the Student Center Ballroom at any time between the […]

William and Marjorie Shorrock Awards 2022

The William I. Shorrock Award and the Marjorie S. Shorrock Graduate Student Award are testaments to the Shorrock family’s long, deep connection with the Department of History. Professor William Shorrock came to CSU in 1969 and retired in 2005 after a distinguished career as a professor and administrator. As an administrator, Bill Shorrock never abandoned his love for students and the classroom. He joined […]