How Does the Public Define “History”?

From the American Historical Association Summary: A sizeable majority of survey respondents equated “history” with nuts-and-bolts factual material as opposed to explanations about the past. That said, there are measurable differences in those views as a function of such factors as age and political affiliation. Moreover, those favoring an explanatory view of history showed signs of greater interest in, and […]

William and Marjorie Shorrock Awards 2022

The William I. Shorrock Award and the Marjorie S. Shorrock Graduate Student Award are testaments to the Shorrock family’s long, deep connection with the Department of History. Professor William Shorrock came to CSU in 1969 and retired in 2005 after a distinguished career as a professor and administrator. As an administrator, Bill Shorrock never abandoned his love for students and the classroom. He joined […]

Professor Leon Soulé Award Winner – 2022

Prof. Leon Soulé taught in the History Department for many years, starting in the 1960s and retiring in the late eighties. He was known as an outstanding teacher and scholar. Indeed, as a teacher he was inspiring, and a number of his students were motivated by his teaching to get their Ph.D. and become professors themselves.   These scholarships commemorate Prof. Soulé and his contributions […]