The recipient of the 2022 Marjorie Shorrock Graduate Award is Kendall Owens. Kendall came to CSU from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History that she earned in 2020. She started her Master’s of Arts in History in the Spring of 2022 and has maintained a GPA of 4.00. Kendall currently is a graduate assistant for the History department. Her duties include running the History Resource Center, and conducting research for Dr. Cole in his oral history project for the German American community in Cleveland. She also assists Doctor Jose Sola in his Introduction to Historical Studies course (HIS 299). According to those she works with, this is Kendall’s first semester as a graduate assistant, and she has done a fantastic job. Doctor Sola says she adds value to his course not only by helping undergraduates who are trying to understand what it is like to be a historian and how the field of History works, but by also encouraging students to participate.

According to Dr. Mark Souther, “Kendall has been outstanding in my history seminars (and one course). I’ve had her in four total – HIS 693s for New South, Urban Environmental, and Suburban, and in my 500-level US Urban. She reads effectively and is always on point, responding to questions. What sets her apart is her incredible recall. She can seemingly summon connections between chapters, between books, and even between a current reading and one she read over a year ago in another course. She also has a talent for building constructively on her peers’ comments and the poise to disagree in a respectful manner. In short, she adds value in any classroom setting and has earned her fellow students’ respect. She is among the most capable students I’ve taught in my 20 years at CSU.”  

Kendall loves being outdoors, especially biking and walking the Cuyahoga national park trails. She enjoys reading history books (clearly outside the required reading for classes) and likes to spend time with her dog. She frequently goes to the CMA to see the traveling exhibits.

Once she completes her MA she has set a goal to have the opportunity to travel and do historical research. She hopes to become a history professor but also keeps an open mind to any career that allows her to continue learning.

Congratulations Kendall Owens!

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