Cleveland State University’s History Department has long been at the cutting edge of Digital Humanities. Several interrelated programs have provided students a way to pursue public and digital history. That said, CSU lacked a discrete Digital Humanities major.

Until now. Starting in Fall 2024, interested students may pursue a degree in Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities is an area of study that applies digital technologies to the study of the humanities.

DH represents an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to teaching, to conducting research, and to presenting conclusions. Digital Humanities recognizes that the written or printed word is not the only primary source studied by academics.

Students may pursue careers as market researchers, education technology specialists, public historians, archivists, museum professionals, and metadata specialists. Once fully operational, DH majors at CSU will follow a fully interdisciplinary major that will prepare students to be competitive as, among other careers, web designers, at a non-profit, or as social media and/or communications coordinators, podcasters, and journalists.

Despite the rise and the growing importance of the field, only a few universities in Ohio have adopted digital humanities programs as minors or certificates.

Only Cleveland State has a dedicated, discrete Digital Humanities major. So, if you’re interested in what that might entail, contact the History Department at Cleveland State so we can show you how you can explore the rapidly expanding field of digital humanities.

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