Gaining internship experience as an undergraduate or graduate student of history is very important to future success. One great way to gain these valuable experiences is through work with federal agencies operating around the country, who are actively searching for those currently studying social sciences or humanities. Pursuing an internship with a federal agency is not only a fantastic opportunity to perform hands-on work in your field, it can also be a chance to travel somewhere new and exciting!

Me during my experience as an intern at Crater Lake National Park during the summer of 2023

Here are a few organizations that facilitate internships with the federal government, and actively post new opportunities to their online job boards. These boards may also include full-time professional positions, so you can also get a better sense of jobs that could be available to you in the future!

National Council For Preservation Education:

American Conservation Experience (specifically the EPIC program)

Conservation Legacy

Take some time to explore these resources and learn more about the organizations themselves! If you go ahead and submit an application or hear back regarding an internship and would like to receive academic credit, be sure to contact Dr. Souther by March 15th. Also review the History Department’s guidelines on internships here to get a better understanding on eligibility and requirements to receive credit:

If you have any questions about these opportunities, resources, or more about how a social science education can be a path into federal government work, feel free to contact us at the history department or reach out to me directly at or on Teams!


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