The William I. Shorrock Award is a testament to the Shorrock family’s long, deep connection with the Department of History. Professor William Shorrock came to CSU in 1969 and retired in 2005 after a distinguished career as a professor and administrator. As an administrator, Bill Shorrock never abandoned his love for students and the classroom. He joined the staff of the Provost’s office in 1988 as an Associate Provost but continued to serve as Graduate Director that year. Over the years he advised students, served on MA thesis committees, and continued to teach regularly. His untimely death was a loss to the entire university community.

Portrait of William I. Shorrock

This year’s William I. Shorrock award recipients are Logan Nelson & Abdallah Jwayyed.

Abdallah Jwayyed

Dr. Tom Humphrey writes

Abdallah is the proud son of immigrants from the West Bank of Palestine who has been fascinated with history as long as he could remember. Obviously, given his family’s heritage, history and politics have been forever linked. As he realized the deep connection between the two, he began reading as much history of his ancestors as possible. He focused his reading on the Palestine/Israel conflict. In the process, he learned that the conflict that has so far shaped his family’s identity was influenced by Europeans and, so he studies them too.

In many regards, Abdallah is a typical, yet so atypical, student. After dropping out of high school, he got married and had a child, moves that changed his perspective entirely. So, when he sat down with his new son and realized that if he intended to ever encourage his children to go to college, he needed to do just that. When his son was 4 months old, he earned his GED. Then, he enrolled at Tri-C and took an associate’s degree before coming to Cleveland State to earn his Bachelor’s degree.

Abdallah exemplifies the students Bill Shorrock dedicated his career to serving. Congratulations Abdallah!!

Logan Nelson

Dr. Shelley Rose writes

It is my pleasure to introduce Logan Nelson as a recipient of the William I. Shorrock award! Logan is a social studies and history double major pursuing his teaching license for secondary education in our CSUTeach program. He likes to spend his free time with family, reading, playing guitar, and watching movies. Logan has two dogs, pugs named Pablo and Percy.

Logan is passionate about history and apparently the Cleveland Browns as he demonstrated in a historical thinking project in HIS 299 Intro to Historical Studies titled, “the glory days of the Browns,” analyzing a 1960 image of Rich Kreitling catching a 54 yard pass. I am especially impressed by his historical creativity and am looking forward to reading his visual narrative of the world history of the punk movement. He will be an inspiring high school educator. Congratulations Logan!!!!

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