Professor Tom Campbell was a returning adult student who started at CSU in the 1960s and went on to become a faculty member in the History Department and College of Urban Affairs, which he helped to found. He retired in 1993. In many ways, his name was synonymous with Cleveland, the city he loved and whose history he wrote with such care and passion. These awards were established to honor his commitment to the department, university, and Cleveland.

Black and White Photo of Thomas Campbell

This year’s Campbell Award winners are Tyler Higgins, Frank Kallmeyer, Declan Malloy, & Susan Mueller!

Our Awardees

Tyler Higgins

Dr. Meshack Owino writes

it was an honor introducing Tyler Higgins during this year’s History Department Awards, an annual event where students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the History Department are honored and recognized. Tyler received the Thomas Campbell Scholarship for academic excellence in the History Department.

Tyler, who comes from Parma, Ohio, is a hardworking student with an exemplary record of academic accomplishments. In 2021, Tyler earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at Tri-C while working full time as an industrial maintenance apprentice at Anchor manufacturing. He then joined Cleveland State University where he is a double major in history and social studies with teaching licensure for grades 7 to 12.

Throughout his studies, Tyler has made the Dean’s List for all the four [4] years of college so far, an achievement that is extremely laudable.

Tyler was already an excellent student even before joining college. He did his high school education at Valley Forge High School where he was not only on the football team, but also on the yearly Honor Roll of the school.

It was not very surprising to me or members of the History Department when Tyler was selected as one of the honorees at this year’s History Department Awards. He is an excellent student with a bright future.

When I asked Tyler about his future plans, I was thrilled to learn that he wants to be teacher, and that the reason he wants to be a teacher is because he wants to follow in on his mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps and become a teacher like them, a comment which, in my view, shows how caring he is about helping others and how appreciative he is of the support he has received from his family, including his mom and grandma, in all his work.

Photo of Tyler Higgins, his mother and grandmother
Tyler Higgins with his mother, and grandmother

After receiving his teaching license, Tyler plans on spending a few years teaching high school history in the North Eastern Ohio area. He hopes to eventually move on into something more involved in the field of history, or on obtaining an administrative role in a school district. His future plans already look full because, apart from teaching, he also plans on returning back to school to study for his Masters Degree in history. Congratulations Tyler!!

Frank Kallmeyer

Dr. Shelley Rose writes

Frank Kallmeyer is a triple major in History, Liberal Studies, and Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainable Urban Development. He is passionate about combining his love for the past with urban solutions for the future.

Receiving the Thomas Campbell award is particularly meaningful for Frank as a history and urban studies student since Campbell was a founding member of the Levin College for Urban Affairs. Frank’s unique perspective on history with an eye towards environmental studies and his skills in geographic information systems (GIS) always make for excellent conversations. I admire his professional and historical curiosity and doesn’t flinch when I send him random links to Portuguese towers for his Dürer’s Rhinoceros historical object narrative.

Frank is looking forward to using history as a tool for urban planning in order to preserve the historic character of cities. We know he is more than ready for this task- congratulations Frank!!

Declan Malloy

Bio to be posted

Susan Mueller

Bio to be posted

Congratulations Tyler, Frank, Declan, and Susan!!

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