Professor Tom Campbell was a returning adult student who started at CSU in the 1960s and went on to become a faculty member in the History Department and College of Urban Affairs, which he helped to found. He retired in 1993. In many ways, his name was synonymous with Cleveland, the city he loved and whose history he wrote with such care and passion. These awards were established to honor his commitment to the department, university, and Cleveland.

Black and White Photo of Thomas Campbell
Thomas F. Campbell

This year’s Campbell Award winners are Hannah Donaldson, Reem Abumeri, Sumaya Mathlouthi, and Caitlynn Jackman.

Our awardees

Hannah Donaldson

Reem Abumeri

Sumaya Mathlouthi

Sumaya is one of our Thomas F. Campbell award winners for 2022.  She is a double major in History and Sociology, while minoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.  Even so, Sumaya has maintained a GPA of 3.82 and has excelled in all the History classes she has taken.  In speaking of Sumaya’s work, Prof Cory mentions “Sumaya has been a wonderful addition to my classes.  She is a dedicated student, highly engaged in class, who attends regularly, asks good questions, and works well with other students. 

For HIS 389 (History of Muslim Relations with Christians and Jews) Sumaya wrote an interesting paper in which she argues that interfaith relations within the Middle East declined as a result of Western intervention in the region.  Prior to Western involvement, religious minorities had an established place within Muslim societies through a system that minimized religious conflict.  However, with Western colonialism, Muslim standards waned and the traditional social structure was disrupted, resulting in increased interfaith violence.  Sumaya’s argument is well structured and argued, and she effectively backs it up with references to her sources.”

Sumaya is spending part of her summer visiting relatives in Tunisia.  While there, she has been able to see some beautiful churches and Jewish religious sites, as well as to visit Ottoman era buildings in the city of Bizart.  She loves shopping in the open air markets in the towns and hopes to visit Carthage and see some Roman buildings.  One of the most interesting places she has seen is a prison that was built under the sultan Mohammed.  The attached picture is of Sumaya in Tunisia.

Sumaya has enjoyed her time at CSU and in the History department as a first generation college student and first-gen American. She views getting a college degree as more than just a step to success but also as a gift to her parents who worked hard so that she could be able to accomplish all the things they couldn’t.  Her dream is to travel the world and witness all the history she has learned about while studying at CSU! 

Caitlynn Jackman

Caitlynn Jackman is one of our four Thomas Campbell award winners for 2022!

Caitlynn demonstrates her creativity and passion for history in every project. Her favorite topics in history include early and modern American history, cultural history of the internet, and popular culture. Particularly impressive is her passion for crafting unique narratives such as in HIS 370 Global Interconnections when she wove her interests in the history of video gaming technology into a keen analysis of globalization, linking the creation of a global video gaming community to the prehistory of the internet.

A talented storyteller, Caitlynn has created several StoryMaps and other visual narratives in our program, including one on the Columbian Exchange.

She has made Dean’s list every semester and Caitlynn plans to pursue her MA in public history upon graduation. Her dream career is to work in a museum. Congratulations Caitlynn!!

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