Black & White Photo of Dr. Jeannette Eckman Tuve
Dr. Jeanette Eckman Tuve

Professor Jeanette Eckman Tuve taught in the History Department from 1965 until 1984. She began her career as an educator teaching high school, and then moved to the university level, earning her doctorate at age 55. Her final book (of four) was published when she was 81. Her work focused on women across a range of experiences. She wrote a book on Russian women physicians and a biography of Florence Ellinwood Allen, the first woman to serve on a state supreme court. In 1986 she conducted a series of oral history interviews with 29 women of eastern European birth or heritage. She was a role model for what is now called the non-traditional or returning student, and she forged a path for women in academe, both as students and faculty. The scholarships given in her name each year are intended to help a new generation of women achieve their academic goals. 

The 2022 recipients of the Tuve Scholarship are Emma Norton and Marissa Ostromek.

A bit about our awardees

Emma Norton

Emma Norton is an outstanding double major in History and Social Studies with a minor in Sociology. She is pursuing her license to teach secondary level social studies and is a student of American Sign Language (ASL).

Emma can be found all over campus and the community doing great things. She is a member of the Cleveland State University Chorus and is a Office of Civic Engagement Teen Refugee Response tutor at local schools including John Marshall High School.

Keep up the great work Emma and congratulations!!

Congratulations to Emma and Marissa!

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