On April 21 the History Department will gather for our annual awards program. This year is particularly exciting, since it is our first in person gathering since 2019. Please enjoy this sneak preview of our 2023 awardees!

Thomas F. Campbell Scholarship

Tyler Higgins

Frank Kallmeyer

Declan Malloy

Susan Mueller

Jeanette Eckman Tuve Scholarship

Hannah Donaldson

Leon Soulé Scholarship

Bali White

William I. Shorrock Scholarship

Logan Nelson

Abdallah Jwayyed

Charles Z. Adamson Memorial Scholarship

Max Wittman

Marjorie S. Shorrock Scholarship

Kendall Owens

William H. Roberts Scholarship

Riley Habyl

Outstanding History Major

Max Wittman

Outstanding Social Studies Major

Hannah Donaldson

Emma Norton

Outstanding Graduate Student

Sarah White

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